The perfect appto bridge the music gap

ValslistRadio is a streaming music app specifically created to help busy adults keep up with new music. Offering the unique brand in the form of curated playlists, Val hand picks every track. This is music that adults will love and their kids will envy.

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There's a ValslistRadio app for both iOS and Android. These apps work on both phones and tablets. Enjoy Valslist music anytime anywhere.


Tons of playlists organized by category including Val's Signature Lists and Artist Guest Lists. New music added weekly.


All playlists stream instantly to your device over your wi-fi or 4g network. Don't worry anymore about adding mp3's to your device.

Val's Blog

Access to the music blog, which keeps you up to date on the newest emergering artists, album releases, and favorite tracks.

App Design

User friendly design with the adult generation in mind. Larger buttons. Larger text. Easy navigation.

Old and New

Don't be afraid. We don't just throw you into the new music scene. You'll find a few vintage tracks in every playlist to feed your comfort zone.

We'd look great on your phone.

The ValslistRadio Team

Val Haller

CEO/Founder of

Peter Haller

Head of Development / UX Designer

With help from:

Mark Haller (CFO)
Ellie Wiscomb (staff)
Thomas McHugh (development)
Louise Docker (photography)
Elizabeth Dziersk (design)
Maddie Guy (staff)
Joy Hart (design)
Lyndsey Havens (staff)
Andria Slomski-Pritz (staff)
Haley Streibich (staff)
Bonnie Weiss (staff)
Aaron Wieberg (it)


  • "Unlike Pandora, a digital music recommendation service governed by an algorithm, Val is governed by her ear, long hours of listening and serendipity."

    Michael Winerip / New York Times
  • "We’re looking for more. Computers can’t tell us what we like, we need humans. Like Val Haller."

    Bob Lefsetz / The Lefsetsz Letter / Music Analyst
  • "When a pal complained about her teenager’s thumping top 40 songs, Haller, a stay-at-home mother of four, was inspired to launch the Web site Valslist, which helps fellow baby boomers—not to mention busy working moms and anyone else who hasn’t followed music since before the days of MTV—find tunes of their own to play at top volume."

    Liz Logan / O-Magazine
  • “I admire her. She’s exposing people to music with a totally different set of motives than people who do it because they are paid to write about it, play it on the radio, or who are paid to sign artists. It is much more motivated by good will."

    Norm Winer / WXRT-FM(93.1)
  • "Powerful women in pop music were impossible to find when she was growing up in Boardman, Ohio. Now Haller is emerging as one of the premiere tastemakers in rock."

    Dave Hoekstra / Chicago Sun-Times
  • "Love Valslist. You can tell it was put together with a lot of love and a really clear focus."

    Deborah Brosseau / Spinner PR
  • "Valslist is a haven for busy adults in search of great new tunes. Like a 'music concierge' Valslist handpicks music..."

    Chicago Magazine
  • "...immensely enjoy her rather eclectic mix of music."

    David Gilmour / Pink Floyd
  • "You'll never have to ask your kids for help [downloading] again - in fact, they'll be asking you where you got the great music!"

    Susan Noyes / Founder/CEO Make It Better
  • "Haller's mission is to bridge the gap by bringing busy adults back into discovering new music... to find music connections that parents and kids could both love and discuss, and to facilitate relationships between artists and fans..."

    Selena Fragassi / North Shore Magazine

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